409 Emerging Elites have attended 154 colleges & universities in 48 conferences.

Top 8 Conferences with most Emerging Elites athletes:

63 EE Ivy League DI
31 EE Patriot DI
21 EE Northeast-10 DII
20 EE Atlantic 10 DI
16 EE America East DI
15 EE Colonial Athletic DI

"I believe the Spring Program has provided both a positive structure and training plan to my daily life. With races being canceled for spring and early summer it can be difficult to remain motivated. With the help of the Emerging Elites coaches we have shifted to focusing on intrinsic motivation and are given training plans which in themselves have given me motivation to continue training in hopes of racing this summer/fall. While it can be difficult at times to train on my own, it is nice to be together as a team twice a week to at least discuss our training via Zoom."
- Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"Emerging Elites has provided my daughter with very valuable structure, training and a sense of team camaraderie during this time. She is in contact with the coaches on almost a daily basis about her training, which keeps her energy and motivation to train high. The additional resources and infrastructure, such as the team calls, videos and articles, also have helped her to learn even more about how to best train and develop as an athlete. She misses the live training, but this has been a very valuable way to stay focused and feel a sense of team during this time."
- Parent of a Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"The program has truly helped me grow as both an athlete and a person. Although we are unable to physically be together, there is still a sense of team and community that fills the void left by the cancelation of school seasons. At a time when it can get tricky to stay motivated, the Zoom check ins each week have been essential in helping me to stay on track and feel connected. Instead of dwelling on the opportunities missed during the season, the coaches have helped me switch my mindset to focus on how incredibly useful this time can be if properly utilized. The program focuses on the WHOLE athlete, which is so important when there are a lot of external factors that put stress on our performance. The coaches are always there to help! I am so grateful to be a part of Emerging Elites."
- Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"My training this season, with/out COVID-19, has definitely been heavily beneficial for me since I have joined the Emerging Elites Spring Program. Seeing all of the other athletes, whom I wish so very much to see in person, is a great confidence boost for myself. Seeing other athletes, especially who are of similar age to me increases my overall positivity and helps me mentally as well. I couldn't see myself not doing this program. The people and coaches, DON'T FORGET THE COACHES, are all outstanding people and being able to work with such talented other people is something I am truly grateful for."
- Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"The Emerging Elites Spring Program has tremendously helped me with my fitness and health as an athlete. It has allowed me to successfully work through problems with my running that have plagued me for months while simultaneously boosting my conditioning and putting me into some of the best shape of my life."
- Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"As always, Emerging Elites continues to provide its athletes with professional and individualized training. Given the current circumstances, our coaches have done a great job maintaining communication and motivating us to push ourselves everyday. From weekly practices to educational webinars using Zoom, Emerging Elites’ virtual program respectfully deals with the COVID-19 crisis."
- Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"Before Emerging Elites I was very motivated, but didn't have the knowledge I needed to train properly, and safely. After joining Emerging Elites, I have been even more motivated in my training and on top of that, I have, and continue to learn new things about running, and, in general, physical activity, which helps me be a more complete athlete, and know and love the sport of running more."
- Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"The Spring Program has made me feel like I am still on the team and has enabled me to keep training during COVID-19. I have been really impressed and happy on how the coaches have handled this. The coaches are also keeping me excited about running."
- Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"Being with other like-minded athletes and dedicated coaches is such a blessing. When any sort of issue arises, the coaches are 100% focused on helping solve it. They are genuinely interested helping every, single athlete."
- Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"The coaching staff does a great job of making our training very individualized and they really value our input about our workouts. I am very grateful to the Emerging Elites Spring Program for allowing me to use this time as an opportunity to improve as a runner."
- Emerging Elites 2020 Spring Program athlete



"EE is a very serious hardcore summer program, it is hard but worth it. You will see yourself getting stronger week by week. The coaches are dedicated to your well being and helping you reach your goals"
- Emerging Elites athlete



"The one-on-one assistance and guidance is unmatched in the state and the expertise of Coach Fred and the assistant coaches help get the most of your athletic potential. Coaches are innovative and leave no stone unturned."
- Emerging Elites athlete



"The other athletes are fantastic, talented, and motivated training partners. The coaches are experienced and wise, and really care about the long-term development of the athletes"
- Emerging Elites athlete



"I was a bit skeptical about improving my cross country time by 61 seconds... but then I improved by 1 minute 40 seconds."

-Emerging Elites athlete



“I love how the program is a combination of individual attention and group work. The training was challenging and rewarding."

-Emerging Elites athlete



"Emerging Elites is a challenging, yet rewarding program that prepares runners for their seasons through a combination of high-intensity practices & specifically designed programs."

-Emerging Elites athlete



"The Emerging Elites program has helped me a lot in school. It has taught me that I need to work just as hard at running as I do in school. It gives me not only a reason to push to do my running, but the program has also taught me to push in school."

-Emerging Elites & NCAA Division I athlete


"The individuals in this program have helped me improve tremendously. The first summer I came here the college-aged girls were such role models for me. Running with the friends I've made here has helped me become the athlete I am today."

-Emerging Elites & NCAA Division I athlete

Middle School

Name Hometown School
Grad Year
Andy Artabane Sherborn, MA Pine Hill 2029
Sarah Quan Southborough, MA Fay School 2029
Davi Magalhães Marlborough, MA Saint Johns 2029
Phoebe Santry West Roxbury, MA Fontbonne Academy 2029
Jaden Kwok Newton, MA The Fessenden School 2028
Maddie Tuxbury Wellesley, MA Wellesley Middle School 2028
Mia Rent Wayland, MA Wayland Middle School 2028


Freshmen- Class of 2027

Name Hometown School
Grad Year
Ryan Beardsley Malden, MA Linden S.T.E.A.M. Academy 2027
Elly Culleton Wellesley, MA Newton Country Day School 2027
Jesse Dash Newton, MA Brown Middle School 2027
Solomon Jin Wellesley, MA Wellesley High School 2027
Raphael Klauber Jamaica Plain, MA Noble & Greenough 2027
Cash Kleiman Sherborn, MA Dover-Sherborn High School 2027
Brandon Ma Sudbury, MA Lincoln Sudbury High School 2027
Emmy O'Donnell Concord, MA Concord-Carlisle High School 2027
Adam Kramer Brighton, MA John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science 2027
Bradon Spiess West Roxbury, MA John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science 2027
Lauren Peloquin Dedham, MA Noble & Greenough 2027
Kyle Chiu Newton, MA Beaver Country Day School 2027


Sophomores- Class of 2026

Name Hometown School
Grad Year
Nadia Abdinoor Lexington, MA Lexington High School 2026
Abby Artabane Sherborn, MA Dover-Sherborn High School 2026
Emma Beardsley Medford, MA Medford High School 2026
Anya Budzinski North Andover, MA Austin Prep 2026
Esme Campbell Brookline, MA Milton Academy 2026
Benson Chang Norton, MA Norton High School 2026
Timothy Chase Foxborough, MA Foxborough High School 2026
Sebastian Culleton Wellesley, MA St. Sebastian's School 2026
Richard Federico Weston, MA Roxbury Latin 2026
Alessandra Keeley Brookline, MA Dexter-Southfield 2026
Caroline Kovacs Boston, MA BB&N 2026
Jacqueline Li Southborough, MA Fay School 2026
Pierce McCormack Dorchester, MA Dexter-Southfield 2026
Emilia Raviola Newton Highlands, MA Milton Academy 2026
Chloe Song Lexington, MA Phillips Academy 2026
Campbell Strong Duxbury, MA Tabor Academy 2026
Clara Tcherepnin Duxbury, MA St. Paul's School 2026
Carolyn Thompson Arlington, MA Dexter-Southfield 2026
Emma Tuxbury Wellesley, MA Wellesley High School 2026
Paige Wheelan Wellesley, MA Dana Hall School 2026
Liam Walsh Duxbury, MA Roxbury Latin 2026
Daniel Labunski Sharon, MA Sharon High School 2026
Nicholas Kennedy Brookline, MA BU Academy 2026
Theodore Choe Boston, MA Milton Academy 2026


Juniors- Class of 2025

Name Hometown School
Grad Year
Jack Almeda Sherborn, MA Dover-Sherborn High School 2025
Maaz Alvi Dover, MA Dover-Sherborn High School 2025
Keenan Billings Newton, MA BB&N 2025
Noah Brilliant Plymouth, MA Plymouth South High School 2025
Maggie Brinzey Cohasset, MA Cohasset High School 2025
Henry Buckley-Jones Cambridge, MA Rivers School 2025
Ava Burl Rowley, MA Triton Regional High School 2025
Ashton Cruz Boston, MA Belmont Hill School 2025
Delaney Dyer Wellesley, MA Wellesley High School 2025
Robbie Fawcett Duxbury, MA Derby Academy 2025
Hayden Gobron Southborough, MA St. Mark's School 2025
Levi Harrison Chestnut Hill, MA Roxbury Latin 2025
Addyson Hunt Wilmington, MA Wilmington High School 2025
Huck Jennings Brookline, MA Brimmer & May School 2025
Suri Kautz Lexington, MA Cambridge School of Weston 2025
Ezra Klauber Jamaica Plain, MA Roxbury Latin 2025
Breanna Kunkel Milton, MA Thayer Academy 2025
Dana Lehr Belmont, MA Belmont High School 2025
Griffin McConville Boston, MA BC High School 2025
Kenzie Murphy Duxbury, MA Thayer Academy 2025
Macey Shriner Plymouth, MA Plymouth North High School 2025
Serena Toscani Brookline, MA Winsor School 2025
Charlotte Tuxbury Wellesley, MA Wellesley High School 2025
Noah Klein Newton, MA Gann Academy 2025
Sam Gavin Jamaica Plain, MA Brimmer & May School 2025
John Brice Stoughton, MA Thayer Academy 2025
Jake DeVries Needham, MA Thayer Academy 2025
Nicholas Contos Newton, MA Dexter Southfield School 2025
Karthik Pisupati Sharon, MA Sharon High School 2025
Aidan Pearsall Dover, MA Dover-Sherborn High School 2025
Sara Lessard Sharon, MA Sharon High School 2025
Addie Creelman Weston, MA Middlesex School 2025
Emilia Smith Attleboro, MA Attleboro High School 2025


Seniors- Class of 2024

Name Hometown School
Grad Year
Alexa Burton Boston, MA Milton Academy 2024
Zoe Campbell Brookline, MA Milton Academy 2024
Claire Choe Boston, MA Milton Academy 2024
Maggie Cizmar Plymouth, MA Plymouth North High School 2024
Kaylie Dalgar West Newbury, MA Pentucket Regional High School 2024
Nayan Das Lexington, MA Lexington High School 2024
Callie DeDecko Osterville, MA Barnstable High School 2024
Ella Dunbury Brockton, MA West Bridgewater High School 2024
Audrey Fitzpatrick Wellesley, MA Wellesley High School 2024
Ada Grant Longmeadow, MA Longmeadow High School 2024
Gabriel Guerrero Hingham, MA Milton Academy 2024
Noah Jina Carlisle, MA Concord-Carlisle High School 2024
Lily Jin Wellesley, MA Wellesley High School 2024
Francesca Keeley Brookline, MA Dexter-Southfield 2024
Emerson Koch Cambridge, MA Concord Academy 2024
Peter Leitzes Milton, MA Milton Academy 2024
AJ Linkenhoker Monson, MA Monson High School 2024
Anna Lonergan Watertown, MA Watertown High School 2024
Bridget Minogue Lexington, MA Rivers School 2024
Jonas Peña Roslindale, MA Brimmer & May 2024
Nyla Palmer Boston, MA Governor's Academy 2024
Carter Rauch Bedford, MA Bedford High School 2024
Tyler Reif Needham, MA Brimmer & May 2024
Ellie Shea Belmont, MA Belmont High School 2024
Phillip Simas Jr Cumberland, RI Mercymount Country Day School 2024
Connor Steele Norwell, MA Milton Academy 2024
Walker St. Germain Bar Harbor, ME Milton Academy 2024
Aalam Sulski Lexington, MA Lexington High School 2024
Maya Vernazza Natick, MA Noble & Greenough 2024
Sean Whalen Lunenburg, MA Lunenburg High School 2024
Adam Balewicz Bolton, MA Nashoba Regional 2024
Storrie Kulynych-Irvin Annapolis, MD Phillips Andover 2024
Jacob Gordon Brighton, MA John O'Bryant School of Math and Science 2024
Allana Popham North Grafton, MA Worcester Academy 2024
Devin Moreau Tyngsborough, MA Greater Lowell Vocational Technical high school 2024
Nick Yacoub Sharon, MA Sharon High School 2024
Seneca Wallace West Roxbury, MA Thayer Academy 2024

Freshman - College Class of 2027

Name Hometown College High School
Grad Year
Julia Collyer Boxborough, MA Clemson University Acton-Boxborough 2027
Owen Comiskey Sherborn, MA Providence College Dover-Sherborn 2027
Lia Cressotti Cambridge, MA UCLA Newton Country Day 2027
Eddie Doyle Dedham, MA Loyola Maryland Xaverian Brothers 2027
Kofi Fordjour Quincy, MA University of Pennsylvania Roxbury Latin School 2027
Brian Gamble Charlestown, MA Yale University Brimmer & May School 2027
Nathan Giordano Holliston, MA Keene State Holliston High School 2027
Casey C. Gorhan Mansfield, MA University of Maine Bishop Feehan 2027
Ethan Jina Carlisle, MA Babson College Concord-Carlisle 2027
Gigi Juriansz Wellesley, MA Queen's University Wellesley High School 2027
Anna Mahoney Hanover, MA Westfield State Hanover High School 2027
Paul McLaughlin Milton, MA Boston College Boston College High 2027
Meredith Monnich Hingham, MA Georgetown University Milton Academy 2027
Benjamin Outar Newton, MA University of Toronto Newton North 2027
Chris Proulx Foxborough, MA Boston University Foxborough High School 2027
Abby Souza Needham, MA Colby College Newton Country Day 2027
Brooks Stone Foxborough, MA WPI Foxborough High School 2027
Julia Torrey Hingham, MA Harvard University Milton Academy 2027
Grace Wheelan Wellesley, MA Dartmouth College Wellesley High School 2027
Casey Wig Holliston, MA Providence College Holliston High School 2027
Natalie Williamson West Hampton, NY UNC Milton Academy 2027
Tucker Winstanley Concord, MA Georgetown University Noble & Greenough 2027

Sophomores - College Class of 2026

Name Hometown College High School
Grad Year
Joshua Bergers Cohasset, MA Pepperdine University IMG Academy 2026
Aston Chan Kau To Shan, HK UC Irvine Milton Academy 2026
Rory Clare Wellesley, MA Columbia University Wellesley High School 2026
Kasey Corra West Roxbury, MA University of Chicago Montrose School 2026
Ava Cote Wenham, MA Stonehill College Hamilton-Wenham HS 2026
Victoria Fawcett Duxbury, MA Middlebury College Milton Academy 2026
Lola Fleming West Roxbury, MA   Dexter Southfield 2026
Alex Lusby Medfield, MA Holy Cross Medfield High School 2026
Dylan Stern Wellesley, MA   Wellesly High School 2026

Juniors - College Class of 2025

Name Hometown College High School
Grad Year
Margot Appleton Mattapoisett, MA University of Virginia Portsmouth Abbey 2025
Jack Bicksler North Andover, MA Colorado State North Andover HS 2025
Abby Burgess Framingham, MA Dartmouth College Beaver Country Day 2025
Joe Chalifoux Duxbury, MA University of Georgia Duxbury High School 2025
Stephen Crowley Milton, MA Clemson Boston College HS 2025
Grace Hayward Summit, NJ Duke Noble and Greenough 2025
Olivia Hayward Summit, NJ Duke Noble and Greenough 2025
Anna Garvey Cambridge, MA Bucknell BB&N 2025
Cece Garvey Cambridge, MA Lehigh BB&N 2025
Noah McGuire Ashland, MA Boston College Xaverian Brothers 2025
Sam Morris-Kliment Needham, MA Georgetown Roxbury Latin 2025
Luke Monnich Hingham, MA Georgetown Milton Academy 2025
Ellie Mraz Duxbury, MA Georgetown University Milton Academy 2025
Katie Schuster Sudbury MA Cornell Noble and Greenough 2025
Matthew Raimondi Quincy, MA UMass Boston Xaverian Brothers 2025
Josie Vogel Chestnut Hill, MA Cornell Milton Academy 2025
Noah Wilson Westwood, MA Catholic University Xaverian Brothers 2025
Helen Xiao Newton, MA Harvard Newton North HS 2025


Seniors - College Class of 2024

Name Hometown College
High School
Grad Year
Jimmy Allen Concord, MA   Phillips Exeter 2024
David Appleton Mattapoisett, MA Dartmouth College Portsmouth Abbey 2024
Derek Chalmers Wellesley, MA URI Wellesley HS 2024
Alex Cravens Woburn, MA Gordon College Lexington Christian 2024
Charles Crounse Concord, MA Middlebury College Concord-Carlisle HS 2024
William Crounse Concord, MA Colgate University Concord-Carlisle HS 2024
Olivia Corbo Braintree, MA Carleton College Braintree HS 2024
Miranda Fisher Needham, MA   Newton Country Day 2024
Sam Hogan Franklin, MA Wash U in St. Louis Xaverian Brothers 2024
Matthew Hayes Weymouth, MA UMass Lowell Xaverian Brothers 2024
Michael Hayes Weymouth, MA UMass Lowell Xaverian Brothers 2024
Steven Jackson Reading, MA Boston College St. John's Prep 2024
Sara Kenney Holliston, MA UMass Amherst Holliston HS 2024
Michael Liu Wayland, MA Boston University Wayland HS 2024
Richard O'Keefe Needham, MA Saint Lawrence Brimmer and May 2024
Victoria Patterson Greenville, NC Duke Deerfield Academy 2024
Maddie Priebe Brookline, MA University of Virginia Deerfield Academy 2024
Ryan Proulx Foxborough, MA Tufts University Foxborough HS 2024
Nick Whalen Lexington, MA   Lexington HS 2024
Allison Sibold Wellesley, MA Saint Lawrence Dana Hall 2024
Aria Sonderling Newton, MA Vanderbilt University Gann Academy 2024
Addy Vettel Weston, MA Northwestern Rivers School 2024

Alumni- College Graduates

Name Hometown College
High School
Grad Year
Andreas Byamana Boston, MA Northwestern University Concord Academy 2023
Rishi Dhir Chestnut Hill, MA NYU Milton Academy 2023
Michael Donahue Needham, MA Dickinson College Brimmer and May 2023
Evan Doorandish Weston, MA Chapman University Weston High School 2023
Alec Durkin Hingham, MA University of Miami Tabor Academy 2023
Nalani Dziama Natick, MA Harvard University Noble and Greenough 2023
Ali Frambes Wellesley, MA UCLA Dana Hall School 2023
Katie Fujimori Shrewsbury, MA UConn Middlesex School 2023
Brooke Harrison Austin, TX TCU Montrose School 2023
Abby Heffernan Wakefield, MA Bryant University Austin Prep 2023
Rebekah James Dudley, MA UMass Amherst Dudley HS 2023
Anthony Lomasney Braintree, MA   BC High 2023
Sarah Maple West Boylston, MA American University St. Peter Marian 2023
John Mariano Quincy, MA US Naval Academy Xaverian Brothers 2023
Dominic Mastromatteo Worcester, MA Marist College St. John's Shrewsbury 2023
Kevin O'Boy Chestnut Hill, MA Colby College Belmont Hlll School 2023
Rick Ono West Roxbury, MA MIT The Park School 2023
Connor Page Boxborough, MA UMass Amherst Middlesex School 2023
Dylan Raimondi Quincy, MA Babson Xaverian Brothers 2023
Connor Reif Needham, MA Saint Lawrence Brimmer and May 2023
Scott Sirri Sherborn, MA Washington University in St. Louis Dover-Sherborn HS 2023
Dennis St. Jean Athol, MA Trinity College (Conn.) Athol High School 2023
Andrew Wong Brighton, MA   Boston Latin School 2023
Keara Westover Boston, MA Providence College Kimball Union 2023
Bridget Annino Wellesley, MA Wake Forest University Newton Country Day 2022
Matt Ayres Charlestown, MA Hobart and William Smith College Brimmer and May 2022
Nathaniel Battista Concord, MA Princeton University Concord-Carlisle HS/Deerfield Academy 2022
Spencer Bisson Dover, MA Stonehill College Xaverian Brothers 2022
Patrick Craemer Upton, MA Villanova University St. John's Shrewsbury 2022
Rohan Dhir Chestnut Hill, MA University of Indiana Belmont Hill School/Rivers School 2022
Jack Dwortz Marblehead, MA Dartmouth College St. John's Shrewsbury 2022
Izzy Kocher Dover, MA Dartmouth College Noble and Greenough 2022
Emily Matheson Concord, MA Lasell College Concord-Carlisle HS/Brewster Academy 2022
Patrick Mello Jamaica Plain, MA Catholic University Boston Latin School 2022
Jack Morrill Medfield, MA St. Lawrence University Medfield High School 2022
Ailish O'Brien West Roxbury, MA Bowdoin College Boston Latin School 2022
Katelyn Pease West Roxbury, MA Middlebury College Boston Latin School 2022
Grace Rademacher Wellesley, MA Georgetown University Phillips Andover Academy 2022
Sara Stephenson Weston, MA Johns Hopkins Rivers School 2022
Scott Tatro Medfield, MA Bentley University Medfield HS 2022
Catherine Treseler West Roxbury, MA US Naval Academy Ursuline Academy 2022
Kathleen Westover Boston, MA George Washington University Newton Country Day School 2022
Ciara Young Milton, MA Worcester Polytechnic Institute Montrose Girls School 2022
Amanda Baptiste Taunton, MA UMass Lowell Taunton High School 2021
Lachlan Davidson Wellesley, MA College of Wooster Brimmer and May School 2021
Elizabeth Dee Reading, MA University of Maine Reading Memorial HS 2021
Abby Durfee Walpole, MA Emory University Dana Hall 2021
Margot Ehrenthal Winchester, MA University of Virginia Concord Carlisle HS 2021
Jaylan Fraser-Mines Tyngsboro, MA Williams College Tyngsboro HS 2021
Emma Frazier Bridgewater, MA Franklin & Marshall College Bridgewater-Raynham HS 2021
Ryan Hayes Weymouth, MA Mass Maritime Academy Xaverian Brothers 2021
Tarvis Hintlian Winchester, MA Connecticut College Winchester HS 2021
Alec Hurd Franklin, MA Hampshire College Franklin HS 2021
Ryan Joy Wellesley, MA Boston University Beaver Country Day 2021
Ali Knowles Wenham, MA St. Lawrence University Pingree HS 2021
Nathan Mark Newton, MA Loyola Marymount University Newton South HS 2021
Gianna Mastromatteo Worcester, MA Marist College St. Peter Marion 2021
Caroline Meizen Douglas, MA Bryant University Douglas HS 2021
Oliver Muise Beverly, MA University of San Francisco Beverly HS 2021
Diana Niles Sherborn, MA Dartmouth College Dana Hall 2021
Will Nemirovsky Boston, MA  Universiry of Pennsylvania BB&N 2021
Caroline O'Boy Chestnut Hill, MA  Middlebury College The Winsor School 2021
Libby Pohl Weston, MA Colorado College Beaver Country Day 2021
Mark Quereux Newton, MA University of Maine Xaverian Brother 2021
Brendan Retalic Framingham, MA UMass Amherst Framingham HS 2021
Hannah Rieders Wellesley, MA Bates College Wellesley HS 2021
Madeline Rieders Wellesley, MA Colby College Wellesley HS 2021
MaryBeth Rockett Needham, MA Northeastern Needham HS 2021
Rebecca Rodriguez Cumberland, RI Florida Southern College Bishop Feehan HS 2021
Jillian Skerry Dedham, MA Boston College Ursuline Academy 2021
Chloe Smith Weston, MA Middlebury College Rivers School 2021
JD Snowman North Falmouth, MA The Citadel Sturgis West Charter 2021
Maddie Tango Newton, MA Middlebury College Newton Country Day 2021
Alexandra Wolf Lexington, MA Tufts University Lexington HS 2021
Danny Aschale Cambridge, MA Connectiut College Cambridge Rindge & Latin 2020
Haley Cole Needham, MA
Elon University
Needham High School 2020
Michael Durkin Hingham, MA Stonehill College Hingham HS 2020
Esitya Elemseged Cambridge, MA
Iowa Central
Cambridge Rindge & Latin 2020
Catherine Fisher Needham, MA University of Notre Dame Newton Country Day 2020
Gavin Fujimori Shrewsbury, MA University of Chicago Middlesex School 2020
Lydia Heely Medway, MA Tufts University Medway HS 2020
Meredith Hughes Belmont, MA Emory University Belmont HS 2020
Nicole Kerrigan Sudbury, MA
Tufts University
Lincoln-Sudbury School 2020
Emma Larrabee Brookline, MA City Year Brookline HS 2020
Noah Lindeman Brookline, MA University of Vermont Brookline HS 2020
Nicole MacLellan Bedford, MA University of New Hampshire Bedford HS 2020
Evan Maravelis North Andover, MA Assumption College Pingree School 2020
Dixie Marr Newton, MA
University of Vermont
Newton South HS 2020
Connor Meaney Lexington, MA Fairfield University Lexington Christian Academy 2020
Nicholas Miller Weston, MA Colgate University Weston HS 2020
Kathleen Nelson Wellesley, MA University of Michigan Newton Country Day School 2020
Sabrina Rabins Weston, MA Colby College Noble and Greenough 2020
Richard Saganey Easton, MA Fairfield University Xaverian Brothers 2020
Catherine Song Canton, MA Princeton University Canton HS 2020
Brandon Sullivan Norfolk, MA Merrimack College King Philip Academy 2020
Rae Swardstrom Brookline, MA University of Tampa Brookline HS 2020
Caroline Ward Wellesley, MA Colby College Milton Academy 2020
Charles Williams Brockton, MA Bridgewater State College Xavierian Brothers 2020
Erica Williams Weston, MA Colorado College Weston HS 2020
Christopher Young Milton, MA Depaul University BC High 2020
Dan Alessandro Lexington, MA Northwestern University Lexington HS 2019
Martha Aschale Cambridge, MA Colby-Sawyer College Cambridge Ridge & Latin 2019
Mahal Alvarez-Backus Lancaster, MA
Colby College
Middlesex School
Tamar Barsamian Dover, MA Loyola University Maryland Dover-Sherborn HS 2019
Gianna Bender Wrentham, MA Boston College King Philip Regional
Keelan Calderwood Upton, MA Dickinson College Worcester Academy
Hunter Campbell Hanover, MA
University of New Hampshire
Thayer Academy 2019
Sarah Cardwell-Smith Chestnut Hill, MA Emory University Brookline HS
Kai Li Cummings Hingham, MA University of Vermont Hingham HS
Todd Cushing Plymouth, MA Baldwin Wallace Univesity Plymouth North
Erin Dietz Bedford, MA Harvard University Bedford HS 2019
Lauren Drohosky Boxford, MA
Tufts University
Masconomet Regional 2019
Alie Fordyce Basel, Switzerland Princeton University International School Basel 2019
Hannah Friedman-Bell Brookline, MA Colby College Brookline HS
Elizabeth Harrington Scituate, MA Northeastern University Notre Dame Academy
Abbey Hillerich Dover, MA College of William and Mary Newton Country Day 2019
Emma Houston Lexington, MA
Claremont McKenna College
Lexington High School
Jennifer Jacobi Willington, CT
Springfield College
E.O. Smith 2019
Dylan Jones Natick, MA Tufts University Natick HS
Sarah Kinney Lenox, MA Bowdoin College Berkshire School 2019
Taylor Landers North Andover, MA Stonehill College Pingree School 2019
Danny Leavey Natick, MA Xavier University Natick HS 2019
Vanessa LoChirco Everett, MA Oberlin College Mystic Valley Reg.
Aidan Lyons Manchester by the Sea, MA
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Manchester Essex Reg
Nathan Maynard Needham, MA
Cornell University
Needham High School 2019
Eana Meng Brookline, MA Harvard University Brookline HS 2019
Zach Meszoely Boston, MA
University of Delaware
Boston Latin School 2019
Makenzie Moore Dover, MA
Emmanuel College
Westwood High School 2019
Phoebe Morss Wayland, MA Bowdoin College Deerfield Academy 2019
Olivia Mussafer Weston, MA
Duke University
Noble & Greenough
AJ Naddaff Danvers, MA Davidson College Brimmer & May 2019
John Navin Norfolk, MA Cornell University Xaverian Brothers 2019
Julia Noble Hingham, MA Tufts University Hingham HS 2019
Sammy Power West Roxbury, MA Boston University Newton Country Day 2019
Lucas Taxter Hyde Park, MA Stonehill College Xaverian Brothers 2019
John Thomas Danvers, MA University of New Haven Danvers HS 2019
Annie Utzschneider Brookline, MA Carleton College Newton Country Day 2019
Emily Weigand S. Hamilton, MA American University Hamilton Wenham Regional 2019
Madeline Westover Boston, MA
Kenyon College
Newton Country Day School 2019
Josie Wilson Newton, MA Yale University Milton Academy 2019
Meredith Wright Duxbury, MA Williams College Duxbury HS 2019
Read Allen Weston, MA Middlebury College Weston HS 2018
Patty Atkinson Weston, MA Colorado College Weston HS 2018
Fiona Davis Manchester, MA Harvard University Manchester Regional 2018
Alex DiFelice Sudbury, MA
University of Pennsylvania
Noble & Greenough
Andrew Doherty Taunton, MA Providence College Taunton HS 2018
Ciara Downey Boston, MA
The Winsor School 2018
Christian Freniere Wellesley, MA University of Richmond Wellesley HS 2018
Naomi Gordon Brookline, MA
University of Pennsylvannia
The Winsor School 2018
Julia Gregory Concord, MA Boston College Concord-Carlisle 2018
Gabriel Hollings Medford, MA University of Vermont Medford HS 2018
Cam Kelly Westwood, MA College of the Holy Cross St. Sebastian's 2018
Jake Lester Medfield, MA Colby College Medfield HS 2018
Tim Loehner Danvers, MA Sacred Heart University St. John's Prep 2018
John McDaniel Weston, MA Cal Tech Rivers School 2018
Mairead Mederios Winthrop, MA Wake Forest University Newton Country Day 2018
Erin Moloney Wenham, MA
Lesley University
Hamilton-Wenham Reg 2018
Mary Kate Morrissey Canton, MA Fairfield University Newton Country Day 2018
Jack O'Connor Natick, MA University of Massachusetts, Amherst Natick HS 2018
Emma Parece Wakefield, MA Union College (New York) Pingree School 2018
Julia Pearson Dover, MA
Amherst College
Dover-Sherborn HS
Chris Ricciuti Milton, MA
Milton High School 2018
Sydnee Russo Wilmington, MA
Florida Gulf Coast
Wilmington High School 2018
Emma Suneby Wellesley, MA
Connecticut College
Wellesley High School 2018
Maeve Westover Boston, MA College of the Holy Cross Newton Country Day
George Wright Brookline, MA Trinity College (Connecticut) Beaver Country Day
Michael Wyman Marion, MA Brown University Old Rochester Reg 2018
Ben Antenore Scituate, MA
Colgate University
Thayer Academy 2017
Alton Barbehenn Bedford, MA Kenyon College Bedford HS
Ben Bosworth Dorchester, MA
Connecticut College
Mlilton Academy 2017
Liz Brew Acton, MA
George Washington University
Acton-Boxborough HS
Blake Brown Medfield, MA
Cornell University
Medfield High School 2017
Alexandra Buonfiglio Lynnfield, MA Stonehill College Lynnfield HS
Molly Chisholm Wayland, MA
Bates College
Dana Hall School
Eli Curme Boston, MA Stonehill College Weston HS
Mia DeLuccia Lynnfield, MA
Simmons College
Lynnfield High School 2017
Andrew Drinkwater Lynnfield, MA Amherst College Lynnfield HS 2017
Madeleine Dwortz Marblehead, MA University of Michigan Pingree School 2017
Nick Fecteau S. Hamilton, MA Purdue University St. John's Prep
Calvin Gonzalez Lawrence, MA Rochester Institute of Technology Pingree HS 2017
Alexandra Grimaldo Marlborough, MA Stonehill College Marlborough HS 2017
Alec Holland Watertown, MA Colby-Sawyer College Watertown HS 2017
Matthew Jacobson Westfield, MA Bowdoin College Westfield HS
Gina Joseph Medfield, MA
Colgate University
Medfield High School
Angelica Kartsounis Lynnfield, MA Providence College Lynnfield HS
Sarah Keiran Rowley, MA University of New Hampshire Ipswich HS
Tina Keiran Rowley, MA University of Vermont Ipswich HS 2017
Cara Lembo Weston, MA Amherst College Weston HS
Drew Leonard Franklin, MA
University of Texas at Austin
Xaverian Brothers 2017
Marini Lopci Newton, MA
George Washington University
Newton South HS
Saaya Maeda Lexington, MA New York University Lexington HS
Taylor McCarthy Wellesley, MA
Villanova University
Newton Country Day School
Lee Milne Dover, MA University of Wisconsin-Madison Dover-Sherborn HS
Erin Murphy Natick, MA
University of New Hampshire
Natick High School 2017
Sophie Mussafer Weston, MA
Yale University
Noble & Greenough
Corinne Ognibene Belmont, MA Boston University Belmont HS
Thomas O'Shea Danvers, MA
Colby College
St. John's Prep 2017
Claire Pacione Wenham, MA
St. Lawrence University
Hamilton-Wenham Reg
Nolan Parsley Weymouth, MA Fairfield University Weymouth HS 2017
Abigail Pohl Weston, MA Middlebury College Weston HS 2017
Paul Presbrey Marstons, MA
Bard College
Cape Cod Academy 2017
Chloe Rosen Concord, MA
Stanford University
Meadowbrook School
Michael Ward Brighton, MA Boston University Boston Latin School
Edom Wessenyeleh Jamaica Plain, MA Dartmouth College Weston HS 2017
Taylor Worthy Medfield, MA Brown University Medfield HS 2017
Samantha Albanese Lynnfield, MA Bentley University Lynnfield HS 2016
Izzy Attenborough Manchester, MA Belmont University Pingree School 2016
Rachel Berluti Westwood, MA Providence College Westwood HS 2016
Olivia Brackett Weston, MA Colgate University/University of Michigan Weston HS 2016
Rachel Cook Southborough, MA University of Colorado, Bolder White Mountain School
Haley Dyer Danvers, MA Worcester Polytechnic Institute Danvers HS 2016
Katie Ellinger Wellesley, MA Massachusetts Institute of Technology Phillips Andover
Sarah Foster Lexington, MA Amherst College Lexington HS
Priyanka Fouda Wellesley, MA Wellesley College Wellesley HS
Samuel Fujimori Shrewsbury, MA Haverford College Bancroft School
Ben Groleau Framingham, MA University of Massachusetts, Amherst Framingham HS 2016
Sydney Izen Brookline, MA
Cornell University
Dana Hall School
Victoria Lee Milton, MA Wellesley College Milton Academy 2016
Emma Mahony Yardley, PA College of William and Mary Villa Joseph Marie HS
Tyanna McBride Worcester, MA University of Rhode Island Doherty HS
Dana Morrissey Winchester, MA Boston College Newton Country Day 2016
Jack Moses Medfield, MA Hamilton College Medfield HS 2016
Libby Mulroy Wellesley, MA
Drexel University
Newton Country Day School 2016
Connor Neill Concord, MA Trinity College (Connecticut) Concord Carlisle HS 2016
Jill Rosati Holliston, MA Boston University Holliston HS 2016
Dan Scribner Sharon, MA University of Toronto Sharon HS
Dan von Staats Wenham, MA Northeastern University Hamilton-Wenham Reg 2016
Marykate Surette Ipswich, MA University of Pennsylvania Pingree School
David Taranto Burlington, MA
Boston College
Burlington High School 2016
Victor Tardy France EF International School  
Jenny Wagner Wellesley, MA Roger Williams University Framingham HS
Charlotte Walmsley Weston, MA Brown University Weston HS
Tim Zawalich Paxton, MA Saint Anselm College St. John's Shrewsbury 2016
Michael Baccari Hingham, MA University of Vermont Hingham HS 2015
Riley-Elizabeth Barry West Roxbury, MA Lehigh University Newton Country Day School
Andrew Beaudoin Boston, MA Williams College Milton Academy
Colleen Caty Northborough, MA Boston University
Algonquin Regional
Bennett Corcoran Weston, MA New York University
Loomis Chaffee
Carolyn Cornell Abington, MA University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Cardinal Spellman HS
Nick D'Agostino Jamaica Plain, MA Colby College
Boston Latin School
Anna Dolan Westwood, MA Harvard University
Ursuline Academy
Nick Foley Falmouth, MA Wheaton College (Massachusetts)/Elon University
Cape Cod Academy
Leah Gellineau Brookline, MA American University
Brookline HS
Ben Halpin Stoneham, MA Brown University
St. John's Prep
Jarret Harrigan Danvers, MA Brandeis University St. John's Prep 2015
Glynis Healey Southborough, MA Harvard University
Algonquin Regional HS
Andrew Hintlian Winchester, MA Uuniversity of Rhode Island Winchester HS
Erik Hoiseth Watertown, MA Saint Michael's College Watertown HS 2015
Jackie Jensen Burlington, MA University of New Hampshire
Burlington HS
Billy Jewell Duxbury, MA Belmont University
Duxbury HS
Jessie Kaliski Wellesley, MA Amherst College
Wellesley HS
Elza Lambergs S. Boston, MA College of William and Mary
Boston Latin School
Alison Lanois S. Hamilton, MA Dartmouth College
Hamilton Wenham Reg
Ben Lester Medfield, MA Colby College Medfield HS 2015
Kellie Lodge Hopkinton, MA DePaul University/Westfield State University
Hopkinton HS
Conor Lyons Hamilton, MA Northeastern University
Hamilton Wenham Reg
Eva MacDonald Rosindale, MA University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Boston Latin Academy
Molly McFadden Norfolk, MA Harvard University
Ursuline Academy
Nathaniel McGough Hamilton, MA University of Massachusetts, Boston Hamilton-Wenham Reg
Kathleen Mello Boston, MA University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Boston Latin School
Cally Moules Billerica, MA Ithaca College
Billerica HS
Scott Murphy Milton, MA Cornell University Milton Academy
Micayla Oniskey Reading, MA Dartmouth College
Reading Memorial HS
Taylor Pierce Warwick, NY Boston College
Bishop Feehan HS
Mikaela Prego Medfield, MA University of Notre Dame
Ursuline Academy
Hannah Robinson Wellesley, MA  
Noble & Greenough
Henry Russell Milton, MA Dartmouth College
Milton Academy
Marissa Shoji Chestnut Hill, MA Harvard University Noble & Greenough 2015
Miriam Stulin Wellesley, MA Brandeis University Dana Hall School 2015
Tara Sullivan Quincy, MA McGill University
Ursuline Academy
John Williamson Wellesley, MA Denison University
Wellesley HS
Dan Zawalich Shrewsbury, MA Stonehill College
St. John's Shrewsbury
Katie Adams Needham, MA Trinity College (Connecticut)
Westminster School
Brendon Aylaian Nashoba, MA University of Colorado/Stonehill College
Nashoba Reg HS
John Bleday Westwood, MA Dartmouth College /Boston College
Xaverian Brothers
Jeff Brown Medfield, MA Rice University Medfield HS
Dan Burnett Lexington, MA Amherst College
Elizabeth Crowley Southborough, MA College of the Holy Cross
Algonquin Reg
Abbey D'Agostino Topsfield, MA Dartmouth College
Masconomet Reg
Amy Dao Boxborough, MA Amherst College
Acton-Boxborough Reg
Nathaniel Dick Natick, MA Cleveland State University
Roxbury Latin School
Bridget Freeley Hudson, MA Haverford College Middlesex School
Joe Hill Medfield, MA University of Pennsylvania
Medfield HS
Evan Mercier Burlington, MA Merrimack College
Burlington HS
Jane Milne Dover, MA University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dover-Sherborn HS
Tyler Moules Billerica, MA Stonehill College Billerica Memorial
Richard Mulroy Wellesley, MA Johns Hopkins University St. Sebastian's School
Kate Nimmo Wellesley, MA Dartmouth College
Milton Academy
Jimmy O'Keeffe Newton, MA Tufts University
Milton Academy
Arielle Rabinowitz Brookline, MA Harvard University
Cyrena Shiland S. Hamilton Dickinson College
Hamilton-Wenham Reg
Chris Stadler Belmont, MA Haverford College
Belmont HS
Ali Tyburski Charlton, MA American University
Shepherd Hill Reg
Lindsay Walsh Swampscott, MA Dartmouth College
Swampscott HS
Julia Whyte Acton, MA Franklin & Marshall College Acton-Boxbrough Reg
Michael Amirault Walpole, MA Stonehill College
Xaverian Brothers
Zachary Bernstein Needham, MA Harvard University Belmont Hill HS
Peter Dolan Westwood, MA Harvard University Xaverian Brothers
Jenny Donnelly Wellesley, MA Yale University
Noble & Greenough
Tom Finneran Scituate, MA Wake Forest University
Thayer Academy
John Fisher Westwood, MA University of Notre Dame
Xaverian Brothers
Will Gibbons Lexington, MA Middlebury College
Belmont Hill School
Casey Griffin Hingham, MA Dartmouth College
Noble & Greenough
Katie Grossman Duxbury, MA University of Michigan
St. Mark's School
Brett Hayes Duxbury, MA College of William and Mary
Noble & Greenough
Steven Izen Chestnut Hill, MA Cornell University
Belmont Hill School
John Jantz Arlington, MA Northeastern University Arlington HS
Jessica Kilpatrick Acton, MA Stonehill College
Acton-Boxborough Reg
Emily Lanois S. Hamilton, MA Columbia University-Barnard College
Hamilton Wenham Reg
Camille Murphy Framingham, MA Columbia University-Barnard College Framingham HS
John Murphy Boxborough, MA Westfield State University
Acton-Boxborough Reg
Sonja Page Manchester, MA University of Rochester
Boston Univ. Academy
Brittany Potter Quincy, MA Hofstra University Fontbonne Academy
Andy Stillman Norfolk, MA University of Vermont
Xaverian Brothers
Elizabeth Tapley Cambridge, MA George Washington University
Newton Country Day
Luke Vance S. Hamilton, MA Wheaton College (Massachusetts)
Hamilton-Wenham Reg
Elleree Erdos Winchester, MA Williams College
Ari Garber Falmouth, MA Brown University
Moses Brown School
Casey Hsiung Acton, MA Boston College
Acton-Boxborough Reg
Lauren Lodge Hopkinton, MA Pepperdine University Hopkinton HS
Emma MacDonald Cambridge, MA Colgate University Noble & Grenough
Conor O'Brien Westwood, MA Elon University Xaverian Brothers
Gabe Pacione Wenham, MA Dartmouth College
Hamilton-Wenham Reg
Kaitryn Power West Roxbury, MA Stonehill College
Fontbonne Academy
Alexandra Smith West Roxbury, MA Sacred Heart University
Fontbonne Academy
Lauren Smith Milton, MA Fairfield University
Fontbonne Academy
Alex Tarnoff Weston, MA Dartmouth College
Belmont Hill School
Mark Amirault Walpole, MA Princeton University/
University of Virginia
Xaverian Brothers
Sam Chase Wellesley, MA Bucknell University
Dana Hall
Chrissy Meagher West Roxbury, MA University of Connecticut
Fontbonne Academy
Caroline O’Loughlin West Roxbury, MA Dartmouth College
Boston Latin School
Alec Bleday Westwood, MA University of Pennsylvania
Xaverian Brothers
Nick Hayes Duxbury, MA Wesleyan University (Connecticut)
Noble & Greenough
Colin Treseler Chestnut Hill, MA Dartmouth College Belmont Hill School
Eliza Gardiner Brookline, MA Harvard University
Winsor School
Claudia Schultz Weston, FL Babson College

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