Maggie Cizmar

Name: Maggie Cizmar
Hometown: Plymouth, MA
High School: Plymouth North High School
Graduation Year: 2024
Height: 5'4"
108 lbs.
GPA: Available upon request
SAT/ACT: Available upon request

Emerging Elites Enrollment

3 Seasons: Spring 2020
  Summer 2020
  Fall 2020


I love to run cross country and track, my favorite distances are the mile and 3000m. I enjoy doing a strength and conditioning class. I also like to rock climb and spend time with family and friends.


Events 7th 8th Fresh. Soph. Junior Senior PRS
400m 1:17           1:17
800m 2:47           2:47
1 Mile   5:47         5:47
3000m   11:22         11:22
5K   20:22         20:22

Awards & Recognition

  High Honors at PCIS (All terms)
  PCIS Sportsmanship Award
  3rd place 2019 Massachusetts Middle School XC Championships

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