Summer Program

Who: Middle school, junior varsity, varsity & collegiate athletes

• 8 weeks of progressive training
• 3 educational seminars
• Individualized training plans
• Online training log
• Functional Movement Screening
• 1:7 coach-to-athlete ratio
• Core development program

When: June 24 - August 17, 2024
• Monday & Wednesday, 5:30-8:30pm
• Saturday, 8:30-11:30am
Where: For Summer 2024, the Emerging Elites Summer Program will be held onsite with in-person training sessions. For more information, email us at
Tuition: 8-weeks: $2,400
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Payment due in full upon acceptance into the Summer Program. Payment plans are available.
Deadline: June 17, 2024

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Emerging Elites Summer Training


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2023 Summer Program

One week is not a training program.

For decades, non-coached individual training runs and a week or two of running camp was considered adequate "summer training." Fortunately for talented and committed athletes, science and training have come a long way since the 1960's. Structured and coached summer-long group training based on progressive, science-based development has arrived: the Emerging Elites Summer Program.

The Emerging Elites Summer Program has established itself as the premier training program for committed, talented and competitive athletes. The Emerging Elites Summer Program is the only summer-long training program that can truly embed healthy and proper performance-enhancing behaviors. Moreover, the Emerging Elites Summer Program allows you to train while living and sleeping in your own home, eating your own food and training without disrupting your summer employment.

Records are broken, PR’s are lowered, and champions are crowned in November, but they are earned during the warm mid-summer evenings of training with the Emerging Elites.

Who benefits from Emerging Elites summer training?

Emerging Elites is designed for junior varsity, varsity and collegiate athletes who are serious about competing and responsible for their own training. The 8 weeks of progressive training are designed to prepare Emerging Elites athletes for breakthrough athletic performances.

Training is individualized and can be tailored to complement and incorporate your high school or college training program. As an athlete, you need to decide how your summer training fits into your summer schedule (work, vacation, rest, etc.).

Emerging Elites 2022 Summer Program



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