Training Philosophy:

  • Develop the whole athlete by addressing each individual's strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop each athlete as an individual, with a personalized training plan
  • Develop each athlete with a long-term vision for progressive formation as an athlete and person
  • Develop each athlete within a group training environment of talented and competitive peers


To professionally coach and develop athletes in structured programs to maximize their performance.


Emerging Elites Training

The Emerging Elites training program incorporates a structured, individualized approach combined with diverse technical training and a personalized Core Development Program. Emerging Elites athletes increase their overall strength and specific speed without increasing their weekly mileage by more than 10%.

The Summer Program establishes a strong mileage base, core development and running efficiency for Emerging Elites to carry into the fall. Additionally, the Summer Program is supplemented with educational seminars for both athletes and parents. During their training, athletes are able to truly embed healthy and proper performance-enhancing behaviors.

Individualized Training

The Emerging Elites coaches design individualized training plans for each Emerging Elites athlete on a weekly basis. The Emerging Elites coaches review the training logs daily to monitor each athlete's training and send feedback on their progress.


Emerging Elites

Group Training

Emerging Elites

Group training also includes weekly coached long runs with similarly talented athletes. The focused, competitive and fun environment allows the Emerging Elites to both train efficiently and develop friendships with their fellow athletes.

By maintaining a maximum ratio of 7-10 athletes per coach, each Emerging Elites athlete receives individual attention while training in a small group setting. Coach Fred Treseler meets with the Emerging Elites athletes at least twice a week (three times in the summer) for training sessions that include running drills, plyometrics, core exercises and stadium training.



Diagnostic Physical Evaluation with Peter Stone, P.T.

Prior to and during the training period, Peter Stone, a leading sports physical therapist, personally evaluates all Emerging Elites athletes. Peter Stone carefully assesses their anatomical strengths and weaknesses. Based on this evaluation, the athletes are given an individualized Core Development Program to maximize performance, prevent injuries, improve flexibility and core strength.



Educational Sessions

Emerging Elites, Educational

Designed for both athletes and parents, the educational seminars cover the principles of assembling a balanced training program, nutrition, injury prevention and the optimization of competitive performance. As a result, the Emerging Elites athletes experience an improved sense of confidence and better awareness of their bodies and their sport. The parents of the Emerging Elites receive insight into their children's athletic lives as well as their joys of training and competing.

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