Sebastian Culleton

Name: Sebastian Culleton
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Middle School: St. Sebastian's School
Graduation year: 2026
High School Coach:
Date of Birth: July 29, 2008
Height:  5'1"
Weight: 85 lbs
GPA: Available upon request
SAT/ACT: Available upon request

Emerging Elites Enrollment

10 Seasons: Winter 2019/2020
  Spring 2020
  Summer 2020
  Fall 2020
  Winter 2020/2021
  Spring 2021
  Summer 2021
  Fall 2021
  Winter 2021-22
  Spring 2022


I play Hockey for two teams, the Elite Greater Boston Jr. Bruins and the AAA Wellesley Raiders. I enjoy being on the ice because it is one of my favorite places to be. I enjoy doing 5Ks like the Turkey Trot because I get to run and say hi with my friends. My favorite competitive running events are the mile and the 800m.

Events 6th Grade. 7th Grade 8th Grade Fresh. Soph. Junior Senior PRs
 400m   1:09.23         1:09.23
 800m 2:40 2:35.77 2:20.76       2:20.76
 1500m   5:23.49 4:48.42         4:48.42
 Mile 5:55 5:42.65 4:55.96       4:55.96
5K (XC) 21:15           21:15

Awards & Recognition


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