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2011 Cross Country

November 12, 2011 - NCAA Regionals - Buffalo, NY

Men's 10K Championship
22nd John Bleday (SO-Dartmouth) 32:03.6  
127th John Jantz (JR-Northeastern) 33:51.8  
164th Andy Stillman (JR-Vermont) 34:40.3  
Women's 6K Championship
1st place Abbey D'Agostino (SO-Dartmouth) 20:25.3 National qualifier
41st Ari Garber (SR-Brown) 21:51.2  
57th Emily Lanois (JR-Columbia) 22:11.1  

October 23, 2011- Mayor's Cup, Franklin Park, Boston, MA

Men's 8K Championship
113th Henry Russell (FR-Dartmouth) 27:03  
Women's 5K Championship
54th Alison Lanois (FR-Dartmouth) 19:27  

October 23, 2011- Northeast 10 Collegiate XC Championship, Westfield, MA

Men's 8K
32nd Dan Zawalich (FR-Stonehill) 25:47  
117th Erik Hoiseth (FR-St. Michael's) 29:07  

October 16, 2011- Brooks ISU Pre-Nationals, Terre Haute, Indiana

Men's 8K
52nd John Bleday (SO-Dartmouth) 25:12  
Women's 6K
2nd Abbey D'Agostino (SO-Dartmouth) 20:23 post-race interview!

October 15, 2011-Colby College at Maine Intercollegiate Championships, Pineland Farms, ME

36th Ben Lester (FR-Colby) 28:01  

October 15, 2011-Brandeis University at UAlbany Invitational, Albany, NY

Women's 5K
60th Miriam Stulin (FR-Brandeis) 19:36.9  
Men's 8K
89th Jarret Harrigan (FR-Brandeis) 27:35.0  

October 15, 2011- Little 3 Championships, Williamstown, MA (Men's 8K)

Men's 8K Race
51st Andrew Beaudoin (FR-Williams) 29:12.9  
Women's 6K Race
23rd Jessie Kaliski (FR-Amherst) 20:18.8  
33rd Amy Dao (SO-Amherst) 20:38.7  

October 15, 2011- American University at Leopard Invitational, Easton, PA (Women's 6K)

22nd Ali Tyburski (SO-American) 22:50.2  
38th Leah Gellineau (FR-American) 23:22.9  

October 15, 2011- Princeton Invitational, Princeton, NJ

Men's 8K Race
50th Chris Stadler (SO-Haverford) 25:47  

October 14, 2011-Wisconson Adidas Invitational, Thomas Zimmer Course, WI

Women's 6K Race
223rd Emily Lanois (JR-Columbia) 22:02  

October 14, 2011-Saint Michael's College vs. UVM & Lyndon State, St Michael's, VT (Men's 8K)

15th Mike Baccari (FR-UVM) 28:39  
38th Erik Hoiseth (FR-St. Michael's) 30:24  

October 14, 2011-Denison U. at Wilmington College Fall Classic, Wilmington, OH (Men's 8K)

99th John Williamson (FR-Denison) 27:40.38  

October 9, 2011-Collegiate New England XC Championships, Franklin Park

Men's Varsity (8K)
51st John Jantz (JR-Northeastern) 25:58  
228th Ben Lester (FR-Colby) 28:32  
Men's Sub Varsity (8K)
18th Dan Zawalich (FR-Stonehill) 26:41  
50th Henry Russell (FR-Dartmouth) 27:21  
51st Ben Halpin (FR-Brown) 27:22  
87th Conor Lyons (FR-Northeastern) 27:45  
102nd Andrew Beaudoin (FR-Williams) 27:54  
246th Erik Hoiseth (FR-St.Michael's) 30:57  
282nd Nick D'Agostino (FR-Colby) 33:37  
Women's Varsity (5K)
92nd Jessie Kaliski (FR-Amherst) 19:27  
Women's Sub Varsity (5K)
5th Lindsay Walsh (SO-Dartmouth) 19:04  
8th Alison Lanois (FR-Dartmouth) 19:09  
41st Elleree Erdos (SR-Williams) 19:47  
73rd Amy Dao (SO-Amherst) 20:19  

October 1, 2011-VT XC Intercollegiate Championships, Colchester, VT

36th Erik Hoiseth (FR-St. Michael's) 30:11.6  

September 30, 2011- Paul Short Invitational, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Women's Gold (6K)
4th Abbey D'Agostino (SO-Dartmouth) 20:22  
69th Ari Garber (SR-Brown) 21:47  
236th Jenny Donnelly (JR-Yale) 23:20  
254th Alison Lanois (FR-Dartmouth) 23:37  
Men's Gold (8K)
12th Mark Amirault (5th-UVA) 24:29  
76th John Bleday (SO-Dartmouth) 25:24  
245th Chris Stadler (SO-Haverford) 26:28  
345th Andrew Stillman (JR-UVM) 27:27  
Women's Brown (8K)
78th Ali Tyburski (SO-American) 23:40  
124th Leah Gellineau (FR-American) 24:06  
Men's Brown (8K)
98th Ricky Mulroy (SO-John's Hopkins) 26:59  
Men's Open (8K)
105th Henry Russell (FR-Dartmouth) 27:25  
279th Mike Baccari (FR-UVM) 29:08  
Women's Open (6K)
55th Lindsay Walsh (SO-Dartmouth) 23:39  

September 24, 2011- CCSU Ted Owens Invitational, New Britain, CT

10th John Jantz (JR-Northeastern) 26:42  

September 24, 2011- William's Invitational, Mount Greylock HS, Williamstown, MA

Women's 6K Race
36th Jessie Kaliski (FR-Amherst) 23:47  
72nd Elleree Erdos (SR-Williams) 24:51  
Men's 8K Race
77th Ben Lester (FR-Colby) 28:42  

September 24, 2011-44th Annual Codfish Bowl, Franklin Park, Boston, MA

Men's 8K Race
26th Dan Zawalich (FR-Stonehill) 26:57  

September 23, 2011 Toledo Inter-Regional Bubble Buster, Toledo, Ohio (4k)

19th Emily Lanois (JR-Columbia) 13:56.5  

September 17, 2011- Iona Meet of Champions, Van Cortlandt Park, NY

Women's 6K
9th Ari Garber (SR-Brown) 22:53.86  

September 17, 2011- Maine Cross Country Invitational, Bowdoin College, ME

63rd Ben Lester (FR-Colby) 27:29  

September 17, 2011- UMass Cross Country Invitational, Amherst, MA

58th Mike Baccari (FR-UVM) 25:06  

September 17, 2011-Dartmouth Cross Country Invitational, Hanover, NH

Women's Race (2.9 miles)
1st Abbey D'Agostino (SO-Dartmouth) 16:50  
14th Alison Lanois (FR-Dartmouth) 17:47  
25th Lindsay Walsh (SO-Dartmouth) 18:07  
Men's Race (4.5 miles)
2nd John Bleday (SO-Dartmouth) 22:12  
37th Ben Halpin (FR-Brown) 24:05  
47th Henry Russell (FR-Dartmouth) 24:33  

September 17, 2011- UMass Dartmouth Shriners XC Invite, North Dartmouth, MA (5K)

Men's 8K Race
46th Conor Lyons (FR-Northeastern) 26:17.94  
Women's 6K Race
26th Miriam Stulin (FR-Brandeis) 19:23.45  

September 17, 2011- Wittenberg Invitational, John Bryan State Park, Springfield, OH (8K)

22nd John Williamson (FR-Denison) 28:12.3  

September 10, 2011- Class Relays Wave Race, Pineland Farms, ME

7th Ben Lester (FR- Colby) 20:36  

September 10, 2011- Bryant University Nassaney Invitational, RI

Men's 5K Race
24th John Jantz (JR-Northeastern) 16:04.85  
57th Conor Lyons (FR-Northeastern) 16:58.88  

September 10, 2011-GLCA Championship, Delaware, Ohio (8K)

22nd John Williamson (FR-Denison) 28:20.1  

September 3, 2011-Northeastern University XC Invitational, Franklin Park, MA

Men's 8K Race
1st John Jantz (JR-Northeastern) 26:30  
10th Conor Lyons (FR-Northeastern) 29:25  

September 2, 2011-Brandeis vs. U Southern Maine (non-scoring meet), ME (4K)

2nd Miriam Stulin (FR-Brandeis) 15:42  

September 2, 2011-Mount St. Mary's 5K Duals, Emmitsburg, Maryland

10th Leah Gellineau (FR-American) 19:17.71  

September 1, 2011- Denison University @ Kenyon Quad XC, Gambier, Ohio (5K)

9th John Williamson (FR-Denison) 17:41.14  


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